10 most interesting creatures

Number 10 : The Angora Rabbit

no 10


Number 9 : The Dumbo Octopus

no 9

Number 8 : The Blobfish


Number 7 : The Kakapo

no 7

Number 6 : The Olm

no 6

Number 5 : The mantama turtle

no 5

Number 4 : The Barreleye

no 4

Number 3 : Tarsiers

no 3

Number 2 : Flying Squid

no 2

The Last : Darwin Bark Spider

no 1


Missing Plane

Malaysian airline MH370 went missing on the 8th march 2014 and no luck of finding the plane after it took off from kuala lumpur on it’s way to Beijing .


From 2 objects to approx. 300 floating near the Australian city Perth in the southern indian ocean. Most of us are saying that the plane had crashed there but nobody understands why or what occured in the plane during the flight. All what we need now is the MH370’s black box which holds all the secrets of what happened.



Now I am finally told that they have gave up since the box is too deep under the sea and can not be taken out.