Cyclone Ashobaa and how are hurricanes named

How are Hurricanes named?

Hurricanes are named in alphabetical order. The first Hurricane that strikes in the year has a name that starts with an ‘A’ and it goes on till it reaches ‘Z’. As soon as the hurricane name crosses ‘Z’ it comes back to ‘A’. Well if the year finishes when the hurricane name is for example ‘F’ it will come back to ‘A’ due to the new-year. The second thing we need to know about hurricane naming is that the stronger hurricane names are female names and the weaker are always male names. Hurricane names are always made by the country that is being threatened by the hurricane.

Cyclone Ashobaa

Currently formed 2 days ago cyclone Ashobaa is going to be a big threat to India, Pakistan and Oman. Currently it is a ‘Cyclonic Storm’ and a category 1 , but if it survives for a few more weeks it may become an severe cyclone. It just turned around from Pakistan as it was to hit Karachi yesterday just before it took a detour. Its winds are up to 65m/hr, but are increasing very rapidly. It hasn’t hit land yet and no damage at all but it might hit India tomorrow and if it does it will be at speeds of 70m/hr and will cause a lot of damage. Now the question is that will the storm survive to become deadly or will It deform?

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