Pakistan look positive in Defeating Sri Lanka.

Pakistan really have a shot at victory this series against Sri Lanka. Why? First of all Sri Lanka’s top 5 players Sangakara, Mahela, Dili, Herath and Malinga reccently retired. Those players probably were the reason Sri Lanka made it to such a high rank during the last decade. Now Sri Lanka are taking a risk on the debut’s and un-experienced to TRY and beat Pakistan.On the other hand Pakistan have their most strongest squad in. Pakistan are coming to Sri-Lanka right after white-washing Zimbabwe so they are more confident while Sri-Lanka are coming after losing to West Indies.                                             Well what will make Pakistan win 100% is only if the Pakistani Skipper Misbah tries to confuse his opponents. All he has to do is get in Sri lanka’s shoes, think what Sri lanka will do, then prevent them from doing it. Just like Wahab Riaz did to take an extra wicket in the ODI against Zimbabwe. Wahab set a field where the batsmen was sure to aim for, then he bowled the exactly opposite ball which the batsman was expecting and alas he ended up with breaking the stumps!

Which squad do you think is stronger?

Complete Pakistan Test Squad:


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