Essay : To the store and back by Zaafir Alvi.

Suddenly somebody comes shouting in my room , saying ,” Zaafir , Zaafir wake up you are getting late for school !” I quickly woke up , it was my mother .  Then I saw that my alarm clock had stopped! My mother then said ,” Zaafir quickly get in the car and go the store , today is your computer exam and you don’t have a U.S.B !” I checked my watch it was 10:15 am , I had to leave for school in another thirty minutes . I quickly got hold of Rs. 1000

 I ran outside ; there was no car . I simply walked out the main doors. I walked up to my street barrier where I saw the morning rush causing confusion to many drivers . The sun shone on my face as I jogged down across the mosque . Then I crossed the lace shop and it was when I stopped . In front of me was a pizzeria I often visited . Inside I saw many people devouring delicious pizza , then I looked at my money then I looked at the store up ahead. I took a few seconds to decide on the word ‘NO’ and I moved on. I crossed the Thai restaurant and I had arrived ! As I entered I looked at my watch and it was only 10:21 am . I was only perfect time. They suddenly started to celebrate my 100th visit to the store and gave me a ninety percent discount ! For a rupees thousand USB I only spent a hundred!

 Now I walk back and I finally return to where the pizzeria was . I had enough money to by a medium pizza .  It only took them an minute for them to serve the pizza since I was a great customer. I finished the last slice of pizza as I walked trough the main door . It was 10:30 sharp! I was on time and my mother did not even notice that I had ate pizza since the USB was for Rs. 1000!pics